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Women's Knit Headband Merino & Cashmere

Women's Knit Headband Merino & Cashmere


Picture this: frosty mornings and you're stepping out with our knitted headbands that are pure comfort and warmth. How? The secret lies in their Merino and Cashmere composition. Ear warmer headbands are perfect for everyone's style. Merino wool is a practical fabric, which maintains a perfect temperature balance – it warms you up when needed and cools you down when it's too hot. And then comes the Cashmere, wearing these head warmers feels like a gentle touch on your skin. Whether you're walking the dog, waiting for the bus, running errands, or enjoying a cozy afternoon at home, Merino & Cashmere headbands are your trusty companions.

70% Wool Merino, 30% Wool Cashmere