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Our Brands

We really care about the brands we stock. We have developed relationships with a number of the brands listed below that value  sustainable and ethical production practices, unique design and high quality materials. Read about their stories, practices and values below. 

Colored Organics

Colored Organics offer organic cotton clothing for babies through age 6 including the softest ever pajamas that are environmentally friendly, naturally hypoallergenic and gentle of childrens' skin. The brand follows the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. Only products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibers can become GOTS certified. All accessories, dyes, and other inputs must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. Colored Organics clothing is manufactured ethically, using no child labor, in a healthy and safe work environment which follows GOTS manufacturing standards. Colored Organics garment manufacturing workers receive fair wages, holidays and medical coverage. Their hours are capped to ensure no overworking.

The QT

The QT is a British brand created by founder and parent Petya. Petya wanted to tackle 2 main challenges; a lack of cute, unique and non stereotypical designs for boys and girls, and a shortage of sustainably and ethically-made high-quality clothing options for kids. She created QT, ethically made, GOTS certified 100% organic cotton and vegan clothing. The QT values quality over quantity, style over fashion, cuteness over beauty, and clothes that wash without polluting.


Menique manufactures 100% merino wool clothing for men, women and children in Lithuania. Merino wool is an organic grown fiber from merino sheep and is biodegradeable, recyclable and renewable. Menique sources their wool from a family farm in New Zealand which is committed to sustainable farming practices, careful waste management, water and soil quality. Merino wool clothing is superior to synthetic fabrics not least because of its hypoallergenic qualities, superior moisture absorption and softness. 

Leela Cotton

Leela Cotton has manufactured organic cotton textiles for adults and children since 1994. The company is based in Bremen, Germany, with production in Izmir, Turkey. The cotton used in their products is grown and produced in Turkey. The end-to-end process from the cultivation and processing of cotton up to the final product is certified by GOTS and verified by an independent and internationally approved organisation, cooperating with GOTS. Leela Cotton is equally committed to ethical manufacturing, ensuring fair minimum wages, no child labor, maternity and sickness benefits for its workers and is in full compliance with industrial safety regulations. Moreover, Leela Cotton is focused on cultivation with biological methods including crop rotation, no synthetic fertilizers, biological pest control, no use of pesticides and no genetically manipulated plants. The cotton used is handpicked and fair prices and contracts for the producers are ensured. There are no unnecessary transport routes: the entire process of production takes place in Turkey. When processing cotton, Leela Cotton never uses chemical additives, focusing on using allergy-tested, synthetic dyeing without heavy metals, optical brighteners or chlorine bleach.


Loop Collection

Loop Collection was founded in 2010 by two knit designers from Brooklyn NY, who often wondered why life couldn’t be about loving what you do, making beautiful things, and being nice!! They believed wholeheartedly that what goes around comes around. The Loop collection is inspired by vintage looks and quality, when well made and well worn garments were the rule and not the exception.  Each garment is proudly knit and assembled in the U.S.A. Loop works with manufacturers directly; supporting local industry and forming partnerships that assure quality and efficiency. All materials used, from the yarn to wood buttons, to the packaging and labels, are responsibly and domestically manufactured. Loop knits with recycled cotton, which eliminates harsh chemical dyeing processes, reduces land use for crops and in turn the need for fertilizers and pesticides. 

Lilij petit

LiliJ Petit, born in 2020 in Italy and manufactures the collection in Span. LiliJ Petit makes clothes for little ones from 0 to 9 years, with functional and fashionable designs made from 100% ecological soft fabric suitable for the skin of all children, with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification. The OEKO-TEX® is an independent and uniform international control and certification system that certifies the entire production chain.

Jan & Jul

Jan & Jul enables kids to play outside in all weather by designing and distributing ethically produced outdoor clothing since 2008. Jan & Jul rain-or-shine clothing is designed & tested in famously beautiful and rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada. Created by moms who believe in the power and magic of getting little ones into nature, no matter the weather!

Dotty Dungarees

Dotty Dungarees is a British brand created by moms, and committed to working responsibly and sustainably. The company has strong personal relationships with manufacturers and strives to reduce their impact on the natural world. The company's use of plastics is minimal, instead opting for paper mailers and cotton packaging. When clothes are shipped they travel by land or sea instead of by air. Dotty Dungarees clothes are designed to be timeless and fundamentally sustainable. They grow with your children, can be worn come rain or shine, season after season, year after year, from generation to generation.


Babymood is Norwegian children’s clothing brand that offers unique quality clothes for each mother’s little treasure.  The company was founded in January 2020, offering a great selection of the purest 100% GOTS certified organic cotton childrenswear, bedding and blankets. The founders struggled to find quality baby clothes that would be suitable for their daughters' atopic dermatitis. Inspired by personal experience, Babymood was created to provide certified organic cotton clothes that are gentle for your little ones and make them feel comfortable all day. The company uses licensed hand drawn prints created by talented artist designers to produce individually painted timeless designs dedicated both for girls and boys with eco-friendly dies and natural, unisex colors with a touch of vintage.

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