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Small Strokes

Our Story

How can I do my bit when shopping for my kid? That was my question as I rummaged time after time through racks of polyester, disposable, fast fashion kids clothes. Dressing two rambunctious boys in stylish and comfortable clothing is already a challenge on most days. Making sure that the clothing we choose is made from sustainable, quality fabrics from brands that care about the environment and their workers makes the challenge all the more difficult. 

My name is Anastasia, I'm a mom of two, and the creator of the GREEN kid, a one-stop shop for high quality, stylish, sustainable kidswear. My aim with the GREEN kid is to do the hard work for you, hand picking well-made items that pass a robust product selection criteria so that you can confidently select items that are ethically made and safe for the worker who made them, the environment and your little one. Our goal is that each item is of such high quality that it "survives" the epic adventures of each child wearing it and can be handed down and loved by many others.

Right now you'll find me packing your order, chatting to you guys on social media or whizzing around the city by foot racking up my daily steps, delivering those packages! Beyond the day to day, I am rigorously researching suppliers and creating The Green Kid's inaugural collection in time for summer 2023.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with gifts, capsule collections, or have any suggestions. 


Our Product Selection Criteria

In my previous career, I worked long days and nights. I wanted to be more mindful in my shopping habits, but in order to do so, I had to spend weeks researching the purchase of even one item of clothing. It was during these never ending quests that I would start to wish for a resource like The Green Kid. I didn't find one, so I decided to create it. There had to be an easier way for busy moms and dads like me to purchase ethically made sustainable clothing for their kids. Once I started The Green Kid, I got to working on a product selection criteria, or a check list of sorts. This criteria has served to guide decision making when selecting brands for the site. Over time, I've gotten to know the people, the processes and the products behind every brand intimately.


Before we learn about a brand's products or certifications,  we want to know about the people behind the clothes, their story and their why. We look to support mission focused women-owned companies working to leave behind a better world.


At the heart of our selection criteria is learning as much as we can about the manufacturing processes, how brands treat their workers and the environment across every stage of the supply chain. We look for brands certified by reputable international organizations.


After examining the product itself, from materials,  accessories and dyes used to the design and fit of items we stock, we focus on natural fibre unisex clothing for increased re-wearability. In the rare instance our customers report quality concerns, we re-examine our selection.

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